5 juni 2013

...and beyond

Yet again, I am looking at hospital walls from the wrong side. The inside. I just have to face it. There will be no Camino for me this year, either. I have seen it coming for quite some time now, which is why I haven't booked anything or made actual plans. With all my heart, I hope that one day, walking the Camino will be possible for me, but now is not that time. Acceptance and humility.

There are things of which I have beeen reminded along the way. Not to take anything for granted, including being healthy. To appreciate what I have rather than grieve what has been lost and what is no longer possible. To be sensitive to the kindness that is shown to me by strangers, and grateful in a more conscious way for family and friends. To better accept my frailty and my limitations. That unexpected beauty is everywhere, if you walk with seeing eyes and an open heart. I no longer see the Camino as a quest, a search for answers or guidance somehow. This is in part because it has been provided during preparations. Will I ever get to the Camino, it will be a magnificent adventure of gratitude.

The caminos of other peregrinos have touched and enriched my journey. In essence we are more similar than different.

This will be my last entry on this blog. Thank you all. May the road rise up to meet you.